T-Mobile burglarized twice over weekend

Tue, 11/17/2009 - 4:49pm
By: Ben Nelms

The T-Mobile store on Promenade Parkway across from Fayette Pavilion was burglarized twice last weekend. Three potential suspects are in custody in Clayton County after merchandise from the store was found in their vehicle.

Fayetteville Police Detective Jeff Harris said both the burglaries, on Nov. 13 and 15, occurred at approximately 1:30 a.m. with the store being entered in the same way. A number of cell phones were stolen in the first break-in but nothing appeared to be missing with the second burglary, he said.

In the Nov. 13 burglary, officers responded to an alarm call from the store. Officers checked the adjacent vacant portion of the building after seeing no signs of forced entry at T-Mobile, Harris said. Burglars had entered the adjacent storefront after prying open the door on the rear of the building, he said. Once inside, thieves went through the interior wall and entered the T-Mobile store space, Harris added.

In the Nov. 15 break-in, burglars entered the building the same way, breaking through the interior wall that had been repaired, Harris said. There is no current indication that any merchandise was stolen in the second burglary, said Harris, though there was damage done to displays cases and other areas within the store.

Harris said that at this point he could only speculate why the second burglary occurred. Additionally, he said that these burglaries were accomplished in the same manner as one that occurred two years ago.

Forest Park Police after the first burglary stopped a vehicle with three unnamed males inside, Harris said. They were arrested and taken to Clayton County jail after officers found merchandise from the T-Mobile store in the vehicle, said Harris.

Harris said the investigation into the burglaries is continuing.

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