Four ladies and The World's Longest Yard Sale

Tue, 11/17/2009 - 4:28pm
By: Carolyn Cary

Four women, all friends at the Fayetteville First United Methodist Church, decided to take advantage of the World’s Longest Yard Sale extending through several southern states.

Ann Walton, Louise Holland, Sara James, and Alicia Yates headed out one Wednesday morning in a Chevy Suburban packed with clothes. It was their intention to purchase things along the way although they wondered where they would put them.

They decided to worry about that another day.

Their intention was to drive to a starting point in Kentucky and start down from there.

They found that reservations at the towns they planned to stop at were already filled. Not to mention that one place where they managed to get one, burned down the day before they got there.

On the third night they shopped all day and arrived at their hotel at 8 p.m., only to be told they didn’t have a reservation there. The manager looked at the phone number they had and directed them forty more miles down the road to the correct hotel.

Did I mention that these were good friends?

Ann and Alicia shared a joint birthday on Thursday and were sung to by a restaurant full of folks at a Longhorn.

The purchases made on their 543 miles trip consisted of four dining room chairs, priced at $5.25 each (they need a little work), a gate leg, drop leaf table for practically nothing, a set of six pink Tiffany glasses and pitcher for $40, and a lovely pink linen oval table cloth, in perfect condition, for $3.

A Tonka truck for a grandson was found, and several pieces of Jadeite dolls for great-grandchildren were also found and stored in the Suburban.

The general consensus of these senior girls was while they may or may not do it again, they are proud of their purchases, had a great time, and made many new friends and precious memories along the way.

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