“2010 Relay For Life Kicked Off !”

Tue, 11/17/2009 - 4:16pm
By: The Citizen

Cancer Survivors who attended the kick off for the 2010 Relay For Life of Fayette County got to celebrate their next birthday early.  Each cancer survivor wrote their name on a candle that was used to decorate a giant faux birthday cake.  A rousing round of “Happy Birthday” was sung by those in attendance and everyone celebrated the accomplishment of surviving cancer and the joy have being around to celebrate another birthday. 

The 2010 Relay For Life Kick-off was held at Peachtree City Christian Church last week.  Attendees were introduced to the two Co-Chairpersons for the upcoming event; Christopher Mothorpe and Zach Stutts.  Mothorpe returns as Co-Chairperson for a second year.  This is Zach Stutt’s first year as Co-Chairperson, although he has served on the Organizing Committee for several years.  Stutts was recently awarded the Fayette County YMCA Volunteer of the Year award.  Mothorpe was a recipient of the same award in 2008.  

The highlight of the evening was the introduction of this year’s Relay For Life Torch Ambassadors.  The honor of lighting the torch at relay will be shared by two inspiring individuals; six year old Raman Franklin and Hood Avenue Primary School Kindergarten teacher, Kathy Warren.  Raman is a first grader at Fayette Christian Academy.   He has known Ms. Warren for several years and they have a unique bond.  Ms. Warren taught kindergarten to Raman’s older sister, and last year, at his parent’s request, she was Raman’s kindergarten teacher.  Both Raman and Ms. Warren are cancer survivors.  Raman was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of three, and recently completed his third year of chemotherapy.  Ms Warren is an eight year survivor of breast cancer.  Both Raman and Ms. Warren helped carry the Relay For Life torch in the torch relay from the courthouse to the fairgrounds last year.  They are especially honored to have been chosen as the Torch of Hope Ambassadors for the 2010 Relay For Life of Fayette County.   Together they will light the big torch which officially opens the 2010 Relay For Life on Friday, April 30, 2010. 


For more information about participating in, sponsoring, or joining the 2010 Relay For Life Organizing Committee, please call Michelle Blose at (770) 631-0625 or email michelle.blose@cancer.org.  You can also check out the event web site at www.relayforlife.org/fayettecounty

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