UGA student highlights PTC’s ‘green’ carts

Fri, 11/13/2009 - 4:34pm
By: John Munford

When Peachtree City native Emily Breault needed a project idea for her college ecology class, she didn’t have to go very far for an idea.

A freshman at the University of Georgia, Breault produced a video highlighting the city’s use of golf carts as an environmentally friendly method of transportation.

While others in her class produced posters, Breault produced a nine-minute video highlighting the use of golf carts from everyday travels to the mass of carts that park at McIntosh High School.

Breault said she wanted to use a video “so everyone could really see what Peachtree City is like. I couldn’t take them to Peachtree City, so I took Peachtree City to them.”

The video is hosted on and can be located by searching for “GreenPTC.”

The class project was about ways to change one’s lifestyle while also helping the environment, Breault said. She wanted to show how local residents are living such a lifestyle daily.

Breault said she previously took the cart paths for granted but taking some college friends home to show off the paths helped show her the uniqueness of the path system.

“I really didn’t realize how I was helping the environment until I did this project,” Breault said. “When you take the golf cart to be with friends, you don’t think, ‘Hey I’m helping the environment.’ ... It’s an easy and accessible way to get around, especially for those who may not have a driver’s license.

Breault said July 4th is her favorite time of year and a great way to witness thousands of golf carts all at once. She also wanted to make sure to thank city father Joel Cowan, also the first mayor, “and others who had the vision to create such a great place to live. Fifty years later, Peachtree City has become a model for the green revolution.”

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