Commission okays purchase of heavy duty rescue truck

Thu, 11/05/2009 - 4:32pm
By: Ben Nelms

The response to heavily involved accidents and emergencies in Coweta will soon be more easily facilitated with the acquisition of a heavy duty rescue vehicle approved Nov. 3 by the county commission. The half-million dollar budgeted purchase is funded with impact fees.

Fire Chief Johnny Teeters in describing the bids said the Sutphen Corp. bid of $529,940 was the only one of the three proposals that met 100 percent of the departments specifications.

Teeters said the new 2009 Heavy Duty Rescue Truck will replace an older, smaller unit that can now be used to carry hazardous materials equipment.

The new unit looks like a pumper, Teeters said, but it will carry heavy, specialized equipment for large emergency situations up to and including train wrecks.

Concerning the response to the bid process, Teeters said a bid of $571,605 by Pierce Manufacturing did not meet all the department’s specifications, nor did the $526,157 bid by Hackney Emergency Vehicles.

The vehicle’s purchase will be funded through impact fees and was already budgeted at a maximum price of $600,000.

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