West by Pass, Phase 3

West by Pass-Phase 3
Did you know that Lester Road, Ebenezer Church Road and Harp Road are all part of the West by Pass,Phase 3? Do you want children walking to school next to the West by Pass? Do you what more traffic through school zones and neighborhoods’? Call the county commissioners and express your concern. VOTE NO FOR THE SPLOST
Board of Commissioners
Jack Smith, Chairman Home Phone: 770.487.4644 Office: 770.305.5101
Herb Frady Home Phone: 770.487.9203 Office: 770.305.5101
Robert Horgan Home Phone: 770.461.0250 Office: 770.305.5101
Eric Maxwel Office: 770.305.5101
Lee Hearn Home Phone 770.460.7481 Office: 770.305.5200
Public Works Department
Phil Mallon, Office770.461.3142

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