How vicious will it get?

I think already we are seeing the types of robbery that are directly caused by a lack of jobs and pay.
Not so much yet in Fayette County due to many of these people who are out of good work having a 401-k that isn't completely exhausted by the market plunge from 15,000 and the fact that unemployment compensation has been extended three times (enough for food and absolute essentials only).

I'm afraid many more houses are soon to go since the federals won't allow the banks much longer to claim these non paying accounts to remain on their books.
Foreclosure will be rampant.

Due to banks now having stringent rules on refinancing, they won't loan to people out of a job or with large debts. anymore.

There isn't enough money in D.C. to continue baling out the banks and other items either.
So it doesn't look good about soup lines and thievery (white collar cons will flourish, also).

This is why I find it unreasonable to consider the arguments of those who are fighting tooth and nail every thing the feds are trying to stretch out a catastrophe.

Folks, they did us in! Too much credit allowed, too much construction allowed, too many wars started, too much free reign on Wall Street, too many bankers ignored. Yeah, I know, It was Clinton.

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