Answers from Ken Matthews, candidate for Post 3, Tyrone

Wed, 10/28/2009 - 2:27pm
By: Ken Matthews

Questions for Tyrone candidates:

1. Whether an incumbent or challenger, what things do you bring to the table that would convince voters to cast their vote for you?

2. Having Tyrone maintain its rural character is something that many citizens say they want. Do you agree with that sentiment? How will the town continue having larger lots, limited commercial development and limited sewer capacity without requiring a much higher millage rate?

3. Tyrone has a recent history of factions strongly opposing each other, particularly regarding town government and growth policies. Do you see that division continuing? Why or why not?

4. Grade the current Town Council on openness and transparency to town voters. What will you do to improve the council’s “user-friendliness”?

5. Will you vote for or against the countywide SPLOST renewal? Why or why not?

6. Describe your general political philosophy, particularly regarding local government.

Answers from Ken Matthews, candidate for Post 3

1. I bring a clean honest slate. My knowledge and experience on Tyrone Planning Commission, community service with town projects, recreation activities, community clean-up and previous works in real estate and business will enhance Tyrone during times of growth. Willingness to listen to the citizens’ desires and concerns and ability to vote according to what is in the best interest of the residents of Tyrone. This is why I received many phone calls requesting me to oppose the incumbent for Post 3 Tyrone Town Council.

2. I agree with the sentiments of residents to keep Tyrone’s rural character. Tyrone can continue to have larger lots due to septic tank usage. In today’s times, Tyrone does not need more empty commercial space. Limited commercial development can still occur with current sewer usage contract. Projected revenues reveal Tyrone’s ability to continue without raising millage rates.

3. Yes, Tyrone has a history of opposing factions towards growth. Many communities across the country have some of the same issues, and growth can cause oppositions. I will work with fellow council members and the citizens to control growth.

4. Transparency in Town Council is limited due to the vagueness of answers coming from administration. Though some issues have been very clear and others skirted. I will encourage more citizen input and participation in helping hold council and administration accountable.

5. I will vote against the SPLOST. The SPLOST appears to have too many loopholes and improperly researched projects on the list.

6. My philosophy is to work with all citizens, Town Council and town staff to continue services and maintain accountability. I encourage all town citizens to get involved, in all aspects of government from attending meetings to the littlest recreation, library or sports activity.

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