Rowland: Homegrown, ethical, moral leadership

Tue, 10/27/2009 - 3:44pm
By: Letters to the ...

The election is upon us and I ask for your vote for mayor of Peachtree City. It is possible that many of you have already voted. I hope a majority of you have voted for me, but regardless for whom you voted, thank you for doing your civic duty. Too many men and women have fought and died to give us this right. Please honor them with a few minutes of your time to do your patriotic duty.

I am a homegrown candidate with deep roots in our community. My morals and values were formed as I grew up, attended church and school, right here in Peachtree City. I want Peachtree City to return to the tenets of low-density development and follow the land use plan that has made our community so unique. I am a concerned citizen and homeowner.

I am not a career politician who is going to make a lot of great sounding, but empty, promises. What I will promise is that I will NOT vote for spot rezoning. I also promise that I will NOT vote to sell city property to a developer to enable increased density.

If elected mayor, I will support the land use plan. I will represent and vote the will of the people, not the will of special interest groups. Our citizens should feel safe on our cart paths and throughout the city. As such, the police, fire and EMS can count on my support. I believe that government should spend our hard-earned tax dollars wisely. As mayor, I will work with the City Council, the city manager and all departments to ensure that the city operates at maximum efficiency.

The mayor should lead, set specific goals, build teams, listen, and be thoughtful and creative. As your mayor, I will lead by setting and following the highest ethical and moral standards. If given the opportunity to serve, I will put what is best for the community of Peachtree City foremost in all my efforts.

I ask that you vote for me, Scott Rowland, for mayor. I look forward to the opportunity to serve as your mayor. My home is Peachtree City. It is the center of my family, my business, my faith and my enthusiasm.

Scott Rowland

Candidate for mayor

Peachtree City, Ga.

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