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Tue, 10/27/2009 - 3:42pm
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Every single one of us living here wants the best for Peachtree City. We want it to stay beautiful, unique, and vital. There is no exception among us running for office Nov. 3. We all want many of the same things. So now that all of the forums are over, it is decision time. How do you choose your candidate if you are on the fence?

Look at whether or not the candidate has already demonstrated his/her commitment to the city. Look at whether or not the candidate has been vocal.

As an active member of my homeowners association and current vice-president of the Peachtree City Civic Association (PTCCA), below are a few specific examples of issues that I have been vocal about, and will continue to be vocal about, as an advocate for you.

TDK Boulevard: Must be halted until Coweta County installs the proper infrastructure to access Interstate 85 from Coweta County. I was instrumental in writing the Peachtree City Civic Association’s position paper that outlined why the majority of citizens felt this way, and stood behind the PTCCA’s demand that council take firm action to halt the progress of this road until Coweta County took responsibility for the traffic ramifications of building it.

West Village: Although this property is already part of the city today, the FINAL site plan and details for the remaining undeveloped parcels in this newest village have not been determined. I will be committed to ensuring the final plan is the best that we can get with what has already been approved.

I am still going to fight for less density, a better park and open space plan, better cart path accessibility, retention of the school site, and the maximum buffers. I will also fight for a public, not private, senior event facility on the Scarbrough portion.

I helped to write the position paper on this as well for the PTCCA that was presented to council before it voted the annexation through in May 2007. I also presented to council that my neighborhood when surveyed voted against the current plan for the village 5 to 1.

Site plan modifications: I have seen repeatedly that site plans are finalized by planning commission, approved by council and then not fulfilled in the final product. Reasons vary from power easement changes, DOT right of way changes, contours of the land, drainage issues, etc., as to why the developer had “no choice” but to deviate from the site plan.

I helped write the Peachtree City Civic Association’s paper that dealt with how drastic site plan modifications should be addressed by planning commission and council BEFORE the changes are carried out. In this way we are most likely to end up with a final product that actually matches what we approve and fight for.

Callula Hills: I also helped to write the PTCCA’s position on Callula Hills that once presented to council halted progress on this request to rezone a portion of our industrial park for an 80-home residential development that included a private event center.

Line Creek development on Ga. Highway 54 West: I have attended nearly every meeting on this subject, conveyed my neighborhood’s opinion, and helped write the position paper that the PTCCA presented to council on this subject as well.

This development is still not finalized, and if elected, I will push for the maximum buffers, the best accessibility, and the absolute most we can get for PTC given the current zoning and development agreement already in place.

I did not agree with council’s decision to grant the special use permit that enabled the ability to propose a big box on this site. I will work to revise this ordinance so we are better protected against future big box development proposals.

Wilshire Pavilion: This development is across the street from the Publix on Ga. Highway 74 South adjacent to Wilshire Estates on the south side of town. I have followed this project and worked with the HOA president of Wilshire in conjunction with the PTCCA to keep a Lowe’s off of this site. We also worked to obtain the largest possible buffer from Hwy. 74 and the fewest number of curb cuts.

It turns out that after the site plan was approved by council for this project there were utility easement changes that came into play that destroyed the buffer. This was the impetuous for the PTCCA to write the “Site Plan Modifications” position paper mentioned earlier. Such changes need to be addressed before trees are chopped down or clearing begins.

School Board Liaison Committee: Developed at my urging as member of the PTCCA. This committee is charged with attending school board meetings and reporting back to the group. We need to have this at the municipal level. It is so important to be in touch with what our county school board is doing, and be proactively involved, BEFORE land use is planned or school redistricting is considered.

The school system is a big reason young families move here. The city should feel compelled to be involved even though it has no direct control. It is too important to remain purely reactionary.

As outlined above, there are multiple projects that I have been involved in over the past three years at both the planning and city council level. The Peachtree City Civic Association position papers I refer to above can all be newly found on my website. They are also a matter of public record. Please take the time to visit my website at www.pulliasforptc.com for more details and links to articles I have written. They serve to clarify my position on many topics.

Above all, choose wisely on Nov. 3. The next years are so pivotal for our city. Peachtree City needs committed, proven leaders, leaders that will stand up, listen to, and protect the wishes of its citizenry. I have demonstrated this level of commitment to you and hopefully earned your trust already. If not, I urge you to check out the specifics, talk to those that know me, and contact me with questions.

Please know that in the end, no matter what the election outcome, I will not go away. I will persist in my dedication, and work hard for you.

Beth Pullias

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