Read candidates’ websites, check backgrounds

Tue, 10/27/2009 - 3:38pm
By: Letters to the ...

Approximately 1 of 300 citizens have attended the mayoral candidate forums. Attendance and information gathered from two forums clarified our knowledge on the issues we face. The candidates’ responses, concerns, platforms and backgrounds have helped firm up our voting decisions. It is obvious what some of our editors think ... how about you?

Our paper provides good quotes and brief summaries, but nothing compares to being there and hearing the candidates in person. No news article can be all-inclusive, nor give us the in-depth knowledge or record of the candidates.

More of us should take a few moments and read the candidates’ websites; look at their educational, political and personal backgrounds. Watch the candidates online at Review their involvement with local, state and federal officials. Judge whether these fine people have or will make a difference in our city.

Will they listen after this election? Future complaints ring hollow without due diligence before voting. Don’t make this an election about one stoplight unless you have researched and read the minutes from the council meetings.

Personality matters at any level of politics, to be sure. But a full understanding of the laws both businesses and citizens live by, as well as the possible consequences of future actions, is essential.

We need someone who’s positive, who explains the issues clearly, and who brings people toward the best solution, understanding some differences may always remain. We need assured relations with other branches of local, state, and federal government. That benefits us all.

Please educate yourself. If you have questions, ask the candidates!

We think we know the best person to lead our city. We know who we’re voting for and why. Do you?

We’ve been friends with the Plunkett family a long time, but please test our objectivity yourself.

Becky Ebbinghouse

Frank and Sally Herman

Peachtree City, Ga.

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