Grace, another claim to fame???

Grace noted on her campaign flyer that one of her achievements/goals was to “continue Shamrock Park, Veterans Park, Redwine Park and Handley Park Improvements.
I would like to share with you how Grace has “helped” with the improvements
Handley Field: The “improvement” at Handley Field was the beautiful kids playground now placed beside the concession stand. This improvement was thought of and donated by Tyrone Youth Baseball Association along with donations from a local doctors office and business. The only thing Grace did was vote to approve it along with the other council members.

Redwine Field: No improvements have been made. I can not see Grace out there shoveling sand and dirt can you? There is another thing I believe she has been too busy shoveling.

Shamrock Park: I do believe she gave up on this project.

Soccer Fields: Not sure what the improvements were made at the soccer fields other than the new fence and I believe the Tyrone Soccer League paid for the installment.

Veterans Park: A beautiful park that Grace did help with, but the land is now not allowed to be walked upon by the citizens because others may step on the bricks.

Grace has made so many grandiose claims, it is hard to see if she has done anything worth re-election. Can we run her off out of Tyrone like Favette County did? There is no love loss there. I believe they were happy to see her go. Town of Tyrone should only receive such please also.
I am glad she “allowed” the sports associations to “beautify” the Towns Parks so she could take another claim to her fame. She appears to have done nothing more. I do believe she forgot about the Fabon Brown Park, is she planning on restoring that herself also?

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