Grace Caldwell and Recreation

“Continue to provide quality recreation facilities for the citizens.”
• Ms. Caldwell voted in opposition of keeping the original 33 year old Founders Day format. Ref. March 5, 2009 Town Minutes.
• Ms. Caldwell discussed eliminating a proposed computer for $1,500 to replace a very old computer system at recreation center. She discussed eliminating the Christmas parade and Easter events. Ref. June 6, 2009 Town Minutes.
• She voted to eliminate the full time recreation and only retain a part time position. This would ensure that there were times the center would be closed. Ref. June 6, 2009 Town Minutes.
• Ms. Caldwell stated that “she would like to see Founder’s Day turned over to a private enterprise”. Ref. February 5, 2009 Town Meetings.
• Councilwoman Furr, Councilmen Young and Dial all volunteered in Founders Day planning and the actual event. Where was Ms. Caldwell?
- Ms. Caldwell has discussed that the Roger Spencer Community Center to be closed and move the staff and recreation classes to the Town Hall Facility.
- Ms. Caldwell was in favor of raising the Recreational Rental fee for instructors from 15% to 20%. A much higher percentage than surrounding parks and recreation instructor fees.
- Ms. Caldwell was in favor of doubling the rental fee for the use of the recreational facilities for private functions (birthday and holiday parties, weddings and bridal showers, etc)

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