Scott Vaughan

Thu, 10/20/2005 - 4:59pm
By: Candidates Forum

I believe that Fairburn is at a crossroads between the glory of its past and the possibilties of its future. Having lived here for the past thirteen years, I have seen the city change for the good and the not so good. One of the reasons my wife and I chose Fairburn in which to start our family was not only its small town feel and historical charm, but also its potential for growth. And after speaking to many of you, I agree with the consensus that more can be done to promote progress while protecting and complimenting the things we all love about our little city.

I am running for Fairburn City Council, and if elected there are some specific areas of concern that I would like to address. First, and foremost, I am deeply concerned about the situation at Duncan Park. Having grown up in South Fulton County, and having played and coached little league there, I am saddened that particularly the youth of our community don't have the park to fully enjoy. I want to work for you to bring about the full restoration of the park and its programs. I would also like to see our city do a better job of partnering with the local schools that educate our children. They may be county run, but they are the schools by which our children and community will be judged, and that should definitely be a concern for us all. I also feel that we can do more to promote greenspace, quality businesses, and the arts and entertainment, particularly in the downtown corridor, to enhance the cultural aspects of our town. There is also work to be done to continue to provide quality government services in areas such as public safety and communications technology.

Let me conclude by saying that I"m not running against any particular opponent in this race. I am running for the future of Fairburn. I believe it's time for my generation to take the reigns of responsibility and be accountable for the decisions that will affect the lives of our families in this community. My wife and I are educators here, we're raising our five children here, we support local businesses, and we believe in this little place "where history lives". So Vote Vaughan, and together we can make a better Fairburn. Visit

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