Imker: Here’s why I’m qualified for council

Tue, 10/13/2009 - 3:26pm
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Folks have asked me why do I think I’m qualified to run for office. Answer: Because I successfully managed my own life and was able to retire at age 52.

I usually don’t give ingenuous answers like that, but let me explain. This will have a lot to do with giving you confidence that I will manage city resources as if they were my own. (Come to think of it, they are mine ... and yours!)

I managed my personal career and met my goals without anyone’s assistance. Hard work in both education and the workforce enabled me to be in the situation I am now: enjoying life and looking to contribute back.

I lived within my means, never borrowing to buy a car but saving until I could pay cash. I always paid my credit card off every month. The only debt was a loan for my house. Buying and selling several homes over my career at smart, opportune times enabled me to pay off my home here in Peachtree City years ahead of schedule.

I conveyed these same ethics to my children. They have graduated college, have homes and jobs. So I asked myself, why am I still working? The answer was I clearly didn’t need the money anymore. Life is too short to work until you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Looking at campaign disclosures, I notice a disturbing observation. Check out these details. I paid $63 to set up my campaign website ( for the whole year. Opponents paid on the order of $500.

I paid under $2 per campaign sign. Opponents paid $3.50 to $4 for theirs.

Do you see a pattern? Who is going to waste money and who is going to find ways to save money once in office?

I will never spend the public’s money on wasteful, expensive, quick solutions when with a little work one can find better alternatives.

I have accepted NO money from contributors. Offers have been made, but I wanted to make a statement to the voters that I am sincere and have no ulterior motives.

People ask why I am willing to put up with the obvious coming grief on various issues from unhappy constituents if I get elected. Answer: I am not going to let anyone bother me or control me.

I’ve been listening to the citizens and believe I know what they want and what is right for the city. I know for sure what’s happened over the last several years is not right.

Rezonings including more unneeded traffic lights on Ga. Highway 54 to help install more big boxes is not right.

Using over $2,500,000 of city funding reserves over the last three fiscal years to pay for things when decisions could have been made years ago to avoid this is not right.

Every candidate in this election has heard the displeasure of voters and will try to avoid the wrath of them by saying cutesy meaningless generalities.

But be wary; look further for their motive. Recent events have shown us we can be let down by those seeking future political gain.

I have no ambitions beyond serving on City Council to make sure:

1. Our original land use plan is adhered to;

2. Our financials have been scrubbed;

3. Our citizens are kept safe; and

4. Our recreational opportunities are the best they can be.

It’s not in my nature to speak highly of myself, but if one wants to get elected sometimes you have to simply come out and say it.

I believe I am clearly the most qualified candidate for City Council Post 1 regarding financials and can do something about them.

I have 30 years experience in the work force including that of decision-maker on major government outlays (more than $1 billion) and the process of conceiving a budget to recording expenditures.

I have personal, hands-on experience in the smallest of budget items such as “fenced accounts” for recreational needs.

My opponents and I all pretty much agree we can reverse the disastrous land use fiascos of recent past. We all will agree on our safety and recreational needs.

So where’s the final decision to be made? It’s the budget! I can only hope you believe me when I ask you to trust me. I will not short-change our citizens with wasteful spending.

Eric Imker

Candidate for PTC City Council Post 1

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