Doug Crawford

Thu, 10/20/2005 - 4:57pm
By: Candidates Forum

My name is Doug Crawford and I am running for re-election to the Fairburn City Council.  As a lifelong resident of Fairburn I have attended school and church in the Fairburn community for over 65 years.  I went to elementary and high school at Campbell, which is now the home of Landmark Christian School.  I am a member of Fairburn First Baptist Church and the Fairburn Masonic Lodge. 

My entire career has been dedicated to public service.  I joined the Navy after high school, then joined the Atlanta Police Department in 1955 and the Fulton County Police Department when it was established in 1975.  After retiring in 1991, I returned to public service when elected to the Fairburn City Council in January 1994. A total of 53 years as a public servant!

As a member of the City Council I have taken a strong position of fiscal responsibility for the City of Fairburn in the following areas:
*    Keep property taxes down.
*    No deficit spending.
*    Make developers pay for the cost of development.
*    Maintain emergency cash reserves.
*    Operate a balanced budget.
*    Provide ongoing programs to:
    -    Replace old sewer and water lines.
    -    Correct storm water drainage problems.
    -    Upgrade streets and sidewalks.
*    Maintain our emphasis on police and fire services.
*    Keep Duncan Park an asset Fairburn can be proud of.
*    Encourage commercial and industrial development.
*    Limited annexations and rezoning to ensure smart growth.
*    Improve Highway 74 corridor traffic and development.
*    Maintain a good working relationship with Fulton and Fayette counties and the cities of Union City and Palmetto.

Customer service for the citizens of Fairburn is one of my highest priorities!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you, and I am asking for your vote and support!

Thank you to The Citizen for this opportunity to communicate with the voting public!

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