Patience is a lifelong quest

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Having passed the half century mark, it is safe to say that there are a few things I’ve picked up along the way. For example, when the dog barks at night, he ain’t just saying hello. He needs to be walked. That’s why he’s barking.

If you still have teenagers and you want to get a good night’s sleep, lock the bedroom door, take the phone off the hook, and simply ignore any and all noise whose origins are outside of the bedroom.

And when The Wife says, “Don’t get too tired today, Honey,” she has an ulterior motive. Believe me, if you get too tired, you’ll never find out what it is.

Over the years the things I’ve learned could fill volumes. And in all of that information there is one item that has eluded me: patience.

It has been said patience is a virtue. Guess it’s one I will never possess. No matter how old I am, there’re some things in this world that I have little patience or tolerance for.

I understand young folks today want to listen to “their” music. And it’s their right. I’m sure my parents thought the music I listened to was just as bad and radical as I find The Boy’s, although I don’t remember the Beatles singing about killing cops or beating women. Their music was about peace and love.

Yep, I can see how those radical Beatles had a terrible influence on me and society. Funny, their “mind numbing” music has lasted for over 40 years. I doubt the kids of today are going to be humming the tunes of any rap artist a year from now, much less 40. Rap music – now there’s something I have zero patience for.

Regardless of what music you’re listening to, if it shakes parts of my car loose, I quickly run out of all patience. In other words, your musical rights end at my ear. Patience is a lifelong quest. In the area of music appreciation and tolerance for loud decibels, it’s one I’m proud to say I won’t live long enough to achieve.

When we were young, Dad use to say, “You kids have to respect your elders. You’ll want people to respect you when you get old.” Now that I’m older I want that respect. And I have little if any patience when I don’t receive it.

Sorry, when someone older than you or your parents asks you a question, a grunt isn’t an appropriate response. It’s a grunt. That’s what pigs do. Then again a quick look into most teenagers’ bedrooms and maybe a grunt is an appropriate response after all.

I have little patience when it comes with postponing the “I wants.” I just don’t like to wait. I want to go on an expensive vacation now, not when we really can afford it. I want that new smart car. It doesn’t matter that I can’t fit into it. The newer larger models won’t be out until next year and I don’t want to wait. My lack of fortitude for the “I wants” extend to the bills when they come due. I want not to pay them.

Lastly, as sweet as she is, sometimes I don’t even have patience when it comes to The Wife. I don’t want to wait until this evening to see her. I think I’ll surprise her with a picnic lunch.

I wonder if I could convince her boss to let her have the rest of the day off. I’m sure he’ll understand. The pile of work on her desk will not get finished, phone calls and emails won’t get returned, but she’ll get it all done first thing in the morning.

All he has to do is have a little patience.

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