Students Design Scarecrow for Garden

Tue, 09/29/2009 - 4:06pm
By: The Citizen

Students Design Scarecrow for Garden

Art students at Fayette Middle have been busy scaring up a unique display for the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Scarecrows in the Garden event.

A life-sized middle schooler with a backpack and riding a skateboard, titled Skatecrow, will be one of 125 scarecrows adorning the garden October 1-31.

The eighth grade select art students, 21 in all, designed the scarecrow using chicken wire and paper mache for the body and adorned it with recycled materials such as telephone wire for the hair, bottle tops for a belt and hand-me-down clothes and shoes. The students included something from all categories of life that young adolescents love: sports, music, iPods, cell phones, snacks, etc.

Making the scarecrow was both a learning experience and struggle for the students. It took about five weeks from inception to finish.

“The students used materials for this project that they normally would not use and have learned many concepts beyond the artwork itself,” says art teacher Ellen Mitchell.

To be eligible for the eighth grade select art class, students must have a teacher recommendation and maintain an 85 percent or higher grade point average during their seventh grade year. The class lasts for one semester and is designed to offer students an opportunity to create more difficult, challenging and lengthy projects.

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