You know? I mean, you know? Awesome!

Just read a wicked rumor on the internet that President Obama was allowing the Islamic religion (Muslims) to have a USPS new first class stamp to be issued with Muslim Holidays on it!

HERE is what happened: In 2001, before 9/11, the USPS, on their own recognizance, issued a series of religious stamps to commemorate all religious holidays., including two Islamic.

Obama, nor Bush. nor any US President had anything to do with it then and certainly not now---just the USPO, which has that as a responsibility to face stamps.

Now, FOX and CNN and others are questioning whether or not President Obama is being "overexposed" with all of his meetings about the health plan and other things.

Just 2-3 weeks ago the complaint was that the President needed to get busy and own the health plan and quit letting congress write one!!

I think the best thing we can do is to ignore all of these people and see what passes congress and is signed into law.

(Oh, and he will also make all illegals, legal so that they can have health coverage. Congress will be avoided!! Right!)

If those ignoramuses pushing this stuff don't stop, they will be done in forever at the polls.

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