Last year's Tour de Georgia raised $50K for GCC

Fri, 02/17/2006 - 11:26am
By: The Citizen

The Ford Tour de Georgia and its Board of Directors presented a check to the Georgia Cancer Coalition today for $50,000, resulting from net proceeds following the 2005 event.

The Tour receives financial support from corporate sponsorship and merchandise sales. Proceeds from this donation will be allocated directly to the Georgia Cancer Coalition’s Cancer Research Fund.

“We are enthusiastic about our continued partnership with the Ford Tour de Georgia,” said President and CEO of the Georgia Cancer Coalition Bill Todd. “This donation will be allocated directly to the Georgia Cancer Research Fund which benefits all Georgians.”

The Cancer Research Fund is primarily funded by generous citizens who volunteer to pay additional dollars on their income tax returns to support cancer research. Since the creation of the income tax check-off, Georgians have annually increased their contributions to the campaign.Total donations were approximately $380,000, with the Tour de Georgia’s contribution accounting for the largest portion. Breakthroughs in cancer research that come from university laboratories in the state will show up in the clinic as revolutionary new diagnostics or treatments.

“Our partnership with the Georgia Cancer Coalition began in 2003 and is one of the primary foundations of our mission statement for this cycling event. The nature of the event, as we travel hundreds of miles across the state each spring, is the perfect vehicle for generating awareness for cancer prevention, early detection and treatment. And in 2006 we are committed to helping generate additional funds for research,” said Chris Aronhalt, managing partner of Medalist Sports, the sports marketing agency based in Tyrone, Ga., licensed to operate the Ford Tour de Georgia.

A new round of funding for 2006 Cancer Research Fund Awards will begin on February 1, 2006. Visit the Georgia Cancer Coalition’s website at to gain access to the 2006 Request for Proposals.

“Contributions from Georgia citizens are making a difference, and will be enhanced by the proceeds from the donation from the Tour. We are pleased that the partnership in our race to defeat cancer will continue in 2006 with the Ford Tour de Georgia,” added Todd.

The race will take place Apr. 18-23 with Fayetteville hosting a start on Wednesday, Apr. 19. The tour covers over 650 miles in six days and has attracted close to two million spectators in its first three years. The race will feature some of the world’s top cyclists on 15 of the best cycling teams from the United States and around the world. For more information on the tour, visit

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