Huntington Learning Center in Peachtree City Generates Large Increases on SAT/ACT Scores

Wed, 09/02/2009 - 9:16am
By: The Citizen

The Huntington Learning Center has recently published its college entrance exam preparatory program results.

 Since opening in March 2007, Huntington has prepped 125 students through Summer, 2009.

Between the initial diagnostic test and the practice test at the end of the course, students have increased as much as 580 points on the SAT and up to a 5 point increase on the ACT.  The   average test score increases for SAT are 170 points and 3 points on the ACT.  For the SAT, 30% of the enrolled students scored over a 200 point increase; for the ACT, the company reports that 30% scored higher than a 3 point.  Outside of the Georgia HOPE scholarships, additional academic scholarships have been achieved by Huntington students ranging to over $150,000.

Larry Sussberg, executive director of the center is extremely pleased with these results.

 “We felt it was important to release this information so that parents and students are aware of the options that are available to them. 

Unfortunately there is some confusion and misunderstanding about exam prep and its true benefits if a student takes the right approach.

We realize no two students are the same, so we build a personalized learning program for each student based on his or her individual strengths and needs which we identify using our diagnostic evaluation.   Our highly trained tutors work one-to-one with each student to provide the undivided attention he or she needs to not only master test-taking skills but to develop a lasting ability to solve problems on his or her own.

We are finding that more and more parents and students are interested in serious exam prep.  This is being driven by a combination of factors such as rising tuition costs and the rising number of applicants which results in larger numbers of students being rejected from their ‘first choice’ schools.   Each year colleges are raising their SAT/ACT score requirements to manage this process.”

Getting into college has never been more difficult and a successful exam prep program has become an important tool used by families to help their students achieve their goals.

About Huntington Learning Center

Founded in 1977, Huntington Learning Center is the nation’s longest-running supplemental education services provider.  Today they continue to be an industry leader providing instruction in reading, writing, spelling, phonics, mathematics and study skills as well as SAT and ACT preparation to tens of thousands of students in kindergarten through 12th grade.  Huntington prides itself on its unparalleled programs, which specialize in helping parents, caregivers and educators identify the gaps in skills and knowledge that can limit learning potential, and in providing a personalized program of instruction to enable children to excel.  To learn more or to locate a center near you, call 1-800 CAN LEARN.

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