F'ville looks at tighter controls on serving alcohol

Mon, 08/31/2009 - 7:18am
By: Ben Nelms

The Fayetteville City Council at the Sept. 3 meeting will hear the first reading of a proposed amendment to the Alcohol Permit Ordinance. The principal changes relate to the rejection of an alcohol handling permit and the appeals process if a permit is rejected.

Chief Steve Heaton in an August memo on the proposal said he and Peachtree City Police Chief Skip Clark had worked with their respective city managers and city attorneys to make corrections to the server permit section of the ordinance.

The section on rejecting the issue or re-issue of a handling permit was revised to include anyone who has been convicted of a state law violation or has been convicted of the misuse of alcohol, including an offense for driving under the influence within the past two years.

Another provision pertaining to the prohibition of issuing a handling permit includes anyone who has pled guilty more than once or has been convicted more than once of a violation of state law relating to the manufacture or sale of alcoholic beverages.

Aside from minor changes in verbiage, the other section of the proposed amendment deals with the appeal process after a permit has been denied or not renewed. The excluded employee can take the case to an appeal board consisting of the chiefs of police. The applicant can appeal that board’s decision in Fayette County Superior Court.

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