M. Jackson & T. Kennedy

Scores of people a day are being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and all we see on TV is the glorification of two well known but common people---rich as they may be.

What kind of thinking are we into nowadays? Even a bad recession doesn't seem to matter with most people.

Is it hero worship or is it worship of types of lives we adore?

Scandals, NCIS, autopsies, soaps, reality shows that aren't real, emergency room guts, faked talent shows with the winners found months before, talk radio and horrid talk TV---polarizing our whole country, interviews of stupid unintelligent speakers every day, shootings, set fires, bank robberies for a few hundred dollars, same for convenience stores ----at least Dillinger took the vault-load!

I can stand the ongoing battle between corrupt conservatives and those of the corrupt socialistic ilk, but the poor and the rich have been at it forever (Robin Hood).

The seemingly backwards progress we are making in common sense and the lack of strong thinkers who learn from history will send us back to the African bush dwellers soon over selfishness and growing and unmanaged populations.


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