Robert Novak: Don Hewitt

Both died this week.

One a force for conservatives yet in a pinch could say what was wrong with them.

The other, Hewitt, produced some of the most needed exposes in the first 10-15 years of the program, 60 Minutes, that they revolutionized con artists games forever.

Polarization in its entirety has bound what pioneers of this sort we now have to only one side of every problem, consistently or they are chastised.

I saw even a republican Senator who was a surgeon for 25 years the other day refuse to say that euthanasia was or was not in any of the three bills currently being considered! He knows they are not included, but would suffer by his party if he called the rest liars!
He said it was so confusing that most would think that maybe.

It is not there and never will be.

Term limits is the only answer it seems. None of them can be trusted when such power is made available as some have.

Newt Gingrich has been made a Catholic---can you imagine that! Votes he never got before.

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