PTC hosting afterschool program for Booth students

Tue, 08/11/2009 - 3:45pm
By: The Citizen

The Peachtree City Parks and Recreation Department again this year is offering an afterschool program for students at Booth Middle School.

Teen Activities at Glenloch involves a brief walk to the nearby Glenloch recreation center as students are escorted from Booth by a TAG staff member. Once there, participants will have homework time and a host of activities including outdoor play, indoor play, computer resource time and video games.

The program is also offered to students at other middle schools or home schooled students whose parents can provide transportation to the site.

Registration for August is free, and the fee for September and October is $65 each month.

For an extra $25, participants become members of the teen club which hosts special events one Friday night each month as follows:

• August 28th Meet at Kedron 7pm-9pm (Swimming at Kedron / Guitar Hero/ DDR/ Pizza/ Board Games) 

• September 25th Meet at Glenloch 7pm-9pm (Open Mic Night, Guitar Hero/ DDR/ Pizza/ Board Games)

• October 30th Meet at Glenloch 7pm-9pm (Halloween Costume Party/ Contest)

• November 20th Meet at Glenloch 7pm-9pm (Trip to Corn Maze)

• December 11th Meet at Glenloch 7pm-9pm (Glenloch Teen Club Talent Show/ Prizes)

 For more information visit and click on the Online Catalog or pick up one of our Catalogs at PTC City Hall, Library, or Recreation Department. Or call Art Sivertsen at 770 631-2542.

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