Peachtree City - help.

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I have a favor to ask you Peachtree City citizens. As a young adult driver I have experianced many close-calls and learned life lessons in my 7 years of being behind the wheel. I've commuted to and from Atlanta as most of you have, i've participated in bumper to bumper traffic patiently and inpatiently. I've been driving at night while it's raining and seemed to make it out okay each time not by luck but by skill i've acquired in priding myself in being a decent driver. I'm not perfect, but i'm no terror on the road. Around 3:10-3:20pm on Wednesday August 5th, 2009 right in front of Ruby Tuesday I was rudely ran off the road. Not just a little - a lot. I was merging into the right hand turning lane to head home off South Peachtree Parkway and my blue sunfire was ignored and completely ran off the road. Terrified with no cell phone I waited and then followed the red pick-up with two teenaged boys in expecting to meet at the Ruby Tuesday parking lot to exchange our info as my alignment is indeed for lack of a better word jacked up. To my surprise, the boys merely headed right onto Waterwood Bend. You know who you are and you have caused me a great injustice in not being honest with the police. That's not my request. My request in attempt to prove myself to these boys is to call for anyone who may have been around the area at the light waiting or behind me to provide insight on what happened. Because as far as i'm concerned I merged into a lane I merge into every day to get home and apparently on this one day I did something erratic and decided to go to rite aid (rolls eyes) and then changed my mind. So please citizens- if you were there contact me at and lend me your words.

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