Coweta Fayette EMC launches new web site

Tue, 07/28/2009 - 3:19pm
By: Ben Nelms

Coweta-Fayette EMC says it has developed a new way to keep customers informed and save money. CFEMC Natural Gas has launched a new website that makes it easier for all Georgians on the Atlanta Gas Light distribution pipeline to get competitively priced natural gas service.

On the new website, customers can see how much they can save each year on the most commonly used natural gas-powered appliances, including a water heater, oven range, furnace, and gas grill compared to other natural gas marketers.

Making this information readily available helps customers make informed decisions about their natural gas marketer selection, said CFEMC President and CEO Dan Hart.

“CFEMC Natural Gas has provided competitive, easy to understand pricing with exceptional customer service since natural gas was first deregulated in Georgia,” said Hart. “It was a natural decision to take that same approach to our new website, and the initial response has been fantastic. People really appreciate the opportunity to quickly and easily see the cost difference between natural gas marketers, regardless of where they live in Georgia.”

Hart said CFEMC Natural Gas consistently offers some of the most competitive prices among all natural gas marketers on the Atlanta Gas Light pipeline.

Rates and sign-up information are prominently displayed on every page of the website in an intuitive, user-friendly design. Energy saving tips, safety information and the Kids Korner section for children also are easily found from anywhere on the site, he said.

Hart maintained that the company’s spirit of transparency and full disclosure is experienced through quick links to the Georgia Public Service Commission’s (PSC’s) list of current gas prices from certified natural gas marketers, the PSC’s Gas Marketers’ Scorecard and the section of the Atlanta Gas Light website that details how monthly base charges are calculated.

Consumers statewide were given the ability to select the natural gas marketer of their choice when the state of Georgia deregulated natural gas service in 1998.

As a result, any Georgia resident or business that receives natural gas from the Atlanta Gas Light pipeline can select their natural gas marketer. CFEMC Natural Gas was founded to fill that need for Coweta-Fayette EMC customers as well as residents and businesses throughout the state that are not in the EMC’s service territory.

CFEMC’s new website can be found at

Coweta-Fayette EMC is headquartered in Palmetto and has branch offices in Fayetteville and Newnan.

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