All Saints hosts 58 children at 2nd summer music camp

All Saints Anglican Church graduated 58 children last week from its second annual music camp. Front row (L-R): Carrie Ann Mundy, Emily Rocus, Megan Coffee, Isabella Macaluso, Matthew Jones, Madison Sickle, Laura Rodriguez, Ryan Shaw. Second row (L-R): Rebekah Dell, Lisa Wells, Rebecca Kate Coffee, Victoria Taylor, Jacqueline Reardon, Gavin Bryan, Myla Reardon, Katie Barry, Grace Durfee, Jessie Lee Gwin, Lily Jordan. Third row (L-R): Stephanie West, Sean Alexander, Daniel Evans, Emma Bryan, Cora Kendall, Sydney Martz, Chase Tyler. Fourth row (L-R): Jonathan Alexander, Luke Jones, Nicole Wells, Rebecca Johnson, Ana Hall, Connor Macaluso, Andrew Fry, Joshua Leak, Isaac Johnson, William Fry, Amelia McInnis, Emily Walley. Back row (L-R): Carey Johnson, Hannah Jones, Taylor McInnis, Patrick Coffee, Matthew Dell, Ethan Leak, Nicholas Macaluso, Christopher Okpara, Jonathan Jordan, Rachel Walley, Kylee Greiner, Kiera Martz. Photo/Special.

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