Comfort Time

It has been said that people who are well off never really appreciate that factor, whether they inherited their money or were one of those in the right place at the right time and weren't lazy. There are only so many "openings" for wealth accumulation, so it is necessary to be there then.

It has gotten "old" for those who still say that "hard work," is about all it takes to be well off! Most people who are well off never spent very many days doing hard labor, just being savvy, and having been raised in an atmosphere with a take-advantage heritage.

However, recessions and depressions do elevate the pleasure of those who are well-off. Even if they lose some of their money, the remaining amount usually tides them to greater heights.

I think some confuse "worrying" with "hard work." Granted, worrying is harder for ignorant people than for people who are not ignorant, but it still is not "hard work."
What they mean when they say hard work will get you there is, I happen to be smarter than you! Here is a dime!

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