Vial of Life urged for PTC seniors

Fri, 07/24/2009 - 2:03pm
By: The Citizen

Vial of Life urged for PTC seniors

The Peachtree City Fire Department is offering “Vial of Life” kits to senior citizens as a way to make emergency medical information handy to EMTs and paramedics in case a resident becomes unable to speak for themselves during a medical emergency.

The kit includes two stickers: one placed on or near the front door and another placed in a ziploc bag placed either outside the refrigerator drawer or inside the butter compartment of the refrigerator. The bag would contain a form detailing important medical information including any major medical problems, medications, allergies and the resident’s doctor’s name and phone number.

The Vial of Life kits are available at any Peachtree City fire station.

The kits are being provided by the fire department, the Master’s Square Homeowners Association and a donation by the Peachtree City Rotary Club.

The fire department also recommends the use of medical alarm systems for senior citizens who live alone.

Nearly every day, ambulances in Peachtree City are called for a person injured from a fall. On occasion, this is a person living alone that has fallen or become ill during the night and cannot reach the telephone to call for help. Only when a family member or neighbor comes the next day to check on that person were they found.

The delay in receiving care can have serious consequences on their recovery and ability to remain independent, officials said.

Another alternative is to keep a charged cordless or cellular phone with residents at all times, even on the simplest trip to the bathroom, officials suggest. It is recommended to place the phone charger on the nightstand and put it in a pocket or attach it to your clothing when you get out of bed.

For more information on this program or to schedule a group meeting you may contact Lt. John Dunlap at the Peachtree City Fire Department, 770-631-2526.

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