Senoia industry to expand, add 15 jobs

Thu, 07/23/2009 - 3:08pm
By: John Munford

Despite the sluggish economy, Senoia’s Winpak Films has had an uptick in its business and recently announced its latest expansion at its facility on Howard Road.

The company is adding new equipment to produce more product, in particular its plastic “shrink” bags which are used to store and display meat and cheese at the grocery store.

The expansion is expected to add 15 more jobs, as the company has grown its business in the shrink bag market significantly since starting that operation two years ago, company officials said.

Another part of the expansion will add more to the company’s warehousing and manufacturing capability.

The company will be adding some landscaping along Howard Road to comply with city ordinances but there’s not enough room on-site to plant the required amount of trees. The City Council approved a variance Monday night that also requires Winpak to address a drainage issue along Andrews Parkway.

The drainage improvements will address an open ditch by creating a proper way to handle the drainage from an air conditioning condensation line.

City Administrator Richard Ferry said the company was adding landscaping to its parking lot which will enhance the view from Howard Road.

Several council members also asked if it was possible to have the Andrews Parkway side of the existing building addressed with landscaping. A Winpak representative said there are too many underground utilities there to install landscaping.

Winpak officials hope to have the expansion completed and operational by the second quarter of 2010.

By the time the company finishes its full expansion in 2014, it will have added another 70 jobs to the company’s payroll. The company currently employs 180 people.

The company is looking forward to improvements to Howard Road pledged by Coweta County officials, including a widening of the road and straightening of the alignment.

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