Ignoring an obvious need!!!

Concerning the curent congressional hearings over a new total health plan has caused the prescription drug companies to endorse the plan currently under consideration!

Why would that be? Well it should be obvious, there must be enormous quantities of people out thwe who need those drugs who currently can not afford to buy them or do not want to beg for them! If there wasn't money in it they would not have endorsed it.

Just as the Republican party through its lack of attention to so many human needs has caused their almost total rejection by American voters, the same kind of ignorance has brought on enforced health care for everyone.

Just one more case that although free enterprise is a good capitalist tool, it also is slow to heal problems and resists them as long as possible.
Now we are likely to get a health plan that is too liberal because of such ill-planning by both Industry and Congress and the Executive.

Yes, such things will bring on more
dependecy upon the government.

Hopefully these folks will see the light before all is ruined!

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