Supreme Court Nominees

Over the years I have watched at least some of the Senate questioning of nominees.
The current one is maybe the worst farce yet.
I'm not discussing whether the nominee is qualified--of course she is, she is a good lawyer, has served on all previous courts, trial and appeals, and has not been kicked out or disciplined.

That is all needed when the President nominates them.
We have had justices who weren't lawyers even and sat on no courts, nothing even wrong with that!

The Senate gets their chance to "advise and consent" to the President. That is all that is necessary.

Of course a democrat will nominate either a moderate or liberal judge and a republican will usually nominate a conservative judge, or at least they will think they are.

It is pretty simple these days:
Either a woman can or can not decide upon abortion as it is described now by the court.

Each state can have a well-regulated militia (currently the NG) and can use them for quelling disturbances up until they are nationalized. Or not.

People can have necessary protective guns in their homes and if they have bothered to learn how to use them safely can actually shoot someone threatening them, obviously.
They should not have machine guns, bazookas, bombs, trucks of fueled fertilize, etc.
They are not going to have to fight Washington troops, ever. Carrying them around is a bit much, except for the militia.

The federal and other local governments can raise income with taxes. If voters don't like that then they can replace them and void the tax increases at least.

People can attend whatever peaceful church they wish and can not be stopped from running for office---even of the Islamic religion.
However they leave their vestments of religion at the church when they govern.
I have never understood what "a Christian Nation" means as far as government is concerned. War is ineviatable under those circumstances. (It is what we use to control populations)

Whether we feed and house the poor is a matter of how congress votes. Throw them out if you don't like what they vote.
It has been established that we will have enormnous poverty if left up to the masses---tax money must be used just as it is to built Interstate highways and fight wars.

The Supreme Court has Nine members who have a job to do just as does congress and the President of the USA. Replacing any of them one at a time should not be a
Two to three years of running for office is madness!

Independent states in so far as jobs, development, schools, and many other things is a good thing. But each state will have to pay for their own---can't depend on New York, Illinois or California to help with the schools for instance with bucks from DC.
In the past they have done a poor job when they tried to live alone about some things!

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