Fayette scores high on CRCT

Tue, 07/14/2009 - 4:00pm
By: Ben Nelms

CRCT scores are in.

A total of 96.9 percent of Fayette County third-graders met or exceeded the standard for reading. Math scores were tallied at 91.1 percent, English at 95.6 percent, science at 93.4 percent and social studies at 93.4 percent.

In fifth grade, 96.4 percent of students met or exceeded the standard in reading, while math scores were recorded at 92.8 percent, English at 96.4 percent, science at 91.5 percent and social studies at 89.8 percent.

And among eighth-graders, 98.4 percent met or exceeded the reading standard and 86.4 percent met or exceeded the math standard. English scores were 97.2 percent, with 83.9 percent on science and 83.4 percent on social studies.

More than 90 percent of Fayette students taking the various tests met or exceeded expectations across all grade levels.

The Georgia Dept. of Education (DOE) has published the complete list of CRCT (Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests) for 2009. Available in-depth at the DOE website are comprehensive results for grades 1-8 by individual grade-level tests, by school, school system and statewide. Available data compilations do not reflect the combined test scores per school.

State law requires that students in third, fifth and eighth grade meet or exceed expectations on the CRCT in reading in order to be promoted. Fifth and eighth grade students must also meet or exceed expectations on the CRCT in mathematics.

Additional data compilations will be available in coming months, according to Fayette County School System Assessment Coordinator Julie Turner.

The complete DOE list of CRCT scores by grade, specific tests, school and system can be viewed at http://public.doe.k12.ga.us.

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