Spotted coyotes and Walking signs!

Awesome! Look, I don't mind laziness in speech. I mean, you know---boogering up modifiers, like, you know---and ending sentences with prepositions ( 1.this is the kind of English, up with which I cannot put!)
1. Churchill.
If there is anything worse than flabbergasted English, it is research compositions. Like that which professors do for!

Only another professor can read more than two sentences without backing up and trying to reconsider what for! Sure would confound newspaper readers to.

It is all kind of like lab notes---helps to keep from doing the same thing over and over besides.

I once saw a fellow from northern Maine trying his best to have a conversation with one from Mobile, Alabama. I was interpreting the Maine guy and a Tennessian was trying with the Mobile fellow.
They both thought they were supposed to use maple syrup in their next batch of deep fried shrimp!!!
What they really wanted was pancakes and sausage.

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