PTC may consider 74S annexation

Fri, 07/10/2009 - 3:29pm
By: John Munford

Company seeks sewer access to shopping center outside city limits

A Macon company is asking Peachtree City to consider annexing 18 acres off Ga. Highway 74 South, adjacent to the city’s Meade Field sports complex.

Southern Pines Properties Commercial Group is asking for 3.86 acres along the highway to be rezoned general commercial and the remaining 14.14 acres to be zoned open space for the future expansion of Meade Field.

The 18 acres are part of an 80-acre parcel owned by SPP that runs past the current intersection of Hwy. 74 and Redwine Road. On that 80 acre tract, SPP in 2000 won a rezoning from Fayette County to allow retail and commercial uses on 21.8 of those acres and office-institutional uses on 5.79 acres.

If ultimately approved by the City Council, the annexation would grant SPP access to the city’s sewer system to serve the entire development, including the portion that would remain in the county. In doing so, SPP would avoid having to install a septic system with a large drain field.

The Peachtree City Council will discuss the matter at its Thursday night meeting. Council is expected to vote on whether or not to allow city staff to work with SPP for formal consideration of the proposal at a later date.

Even if the city grants permission for SPP to work with city staff, that will only begin the process of considering the proposal. A second vote at a later date would determine whether or not the property should be annexed into the city limits.

If the annexation is approved, the 3.86 acre tract would have to be developed according to city ordinances and regulations, leaving the remainder of the development to be handled under Fayette County standards.

If the annexation is approved, the sewer constructed for the area could also be designed to serve the nearby county animal shelter, an office complex currently in the city limits and several other properties that are currently outside the city limits along Redwine Road. The city’s Water and Sewer Authority has worked for some time on a proposal between several property owners including SPP to chip in towards the installation of a new sewer line to serve the area.

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