PTC author releases debut novel

Wed, 07/01/2009 - 1:58pm
By: The Citizen

PTC author releases debut novel

Local author and Peachtree City resident Kevin Downs, 42, has taken the international stage as his thriller, “Spydentity”— the first nail-biting “bio”-industrial espionage cloning thriller to date — was recently published.

In “Spydentity” the dangerous fusion of information and life sciences in a new millennium of uncertainty sets the stage for greed, betrayal, revenge, conspiracy, and murder. With Operation SPYCLONE at its backbone, “Spydentity” stirs a ‘cyclone’ of international intrigue.
In Downs’ thriller, after the mapping of the human genome, the United States still had an edge in the biotechnological race. The reason—CanCel-a medical breakthrough cure for all cancers accidentally discovered by the U.S. via a cloning technique. But the increasing ease of bio-industrial espionage gives rise to a malevolent Bulgarian scientist and former KGB agent with a multi-faceted secret agenda that falls under one umbrella…the espionage entity—SPYDENTITY. Beneath this covert canopy lies the current mission at hand, SPYDENTITY’s backbone, Operation S.P.Y.C.L.O.N.E.—Secret Project Yielding Cloned Life for One Nations Empowerment.
Upon the disappearance of U.S. agents and scientists in Sofia, the [DOD] Department of Defense and the CIA’s response is to launch a juggernaut counter-operation code-named S.H.A.D.O.W.S.—Special Hit and Assault Drive Operation for the pursuit of World Security.

Enter Nathan Bishop, Downs’ modern day “James Bond” like character whose military leave comes to an abrupt end upon the news of the disappearance of CIA deep cover agents and of his best friend. Bishop is instead appointed head of the SHADOWS OP, but a once routine mission becomes very personal and suddenly catapults him into a deadly arena where the only currency is blood—a tempestuous trail to a handful of Bulgarian bio-information age pirates.

When asked about his journey from initially picking up the pen to ultimately being in print, Downs’ response was, “I owe it all to God, my parents, my family, and to Brenda Sides who was by my side throughout the entire publishing process.”
Downs went on to say that the labyrinthine plot he had in his head kept him awake at night for about six months straight until he finally finished his first manuscript draft, and 11 years later the final product. He laughs now when he looks back in retrospect thinking about how he thought it was time to celebrate when he had first set the pen down…so to speak. Little did he know that this was barely even the beginning of a long road, a journey filled with research and excitement as he had no idea what he had gotten himself into.

Many, many rewrites and manuscript polishes later, Downs’ thriller “Spydentity” has been published and is available at his website

Downs’ writing style is being consistently compared to that of Robert Ludlum and Tom Clancy. In “Spydentity” Downs put a lot of himself into his lead character protagonist, Nathan Bishop, a highly disciplined modern day action hero and the “James Bond” of the new millennium who will be carried into future novels in Downs’ “Spydentity” series.

This fall, Downs’s book will be available on big names such as, Barnes&,, & as well as with Ingram and Baker and Taylor, the largest book wholesalers in the United States.

“Spydentity” will in addition be registered with all Books in Print.
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