Cop Reports 062409

Tue, 06/23/2009 - 4:09pm
By: The Citizen

The following arrests were reported by local law enforcement agencies for the past week. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty:

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office
Tuesday, June 16 — Monday, June 22

Aleman-Aleman, 24, of Appollo Way, Fayetteville, for driving without a license and tail light violation.
Jerimiah Christopher Ingram, 17, of Bay Branch Boulevard, Fayetteville, for less than one ounce of marijuana.
Kenneth Edwin Mayo, 39, of Georgetown Drive, Fayetteville, for less than one ounce of marijuana.
Judith Sandoval-Gonzales, 22, of Quail Hunt Drive, Riverdale, for driving without a license and meaning to traffic signals.
Miguel Angel Trinidad, 19, of Parkway Lane, Hapeville, for no license, obscure tag, fleeing, windshield, front door cracked and tint.
Guillermo Emilio Trujillo-Flores, 34, of Appollo Way, Fayetteville, for failure to appear.
Roger Dale Brown, 31, of Mountain View Road, Acworth, for probation violation.
Nelson Lamar Coleman, 37, of Kimberly Way, Marietta, for probation violation.
Willie James Crawford, 55, of Molley Sue Lane, Marietta, for suspended license.
Ann Marie Ashley Hess, 25, of Chase Drive, Fayetteville, for waiting warrants.
Ronald Edward Jackson, 20, Georges Way, Morrow, for failure to appear.
Adalberto Lagunes-Cervantes, 38, of U.S. Hwy. 29, Newnan, for no license and headlight violation.
Tarell Emory McCall, 21, of Pryor Street, Atlanta, for financial indentity fraud.
Dennis Joseph Pasch, 28, of Old South Court, Fayetteville, for driving on roadway laned for traffic.
Reginald Jabez Patterson, 24, of Poplar Point Drive, College Park, for suspended license, seatbelt, brake and turn signal violations.
Walter Louis Robinson, of Bernardo Drive, Riverdale, for probation violation.
Daniel Adam Rowe, 20, of Deer Cove, Fayetteville, for less than one ounce of marijuana.
Genora Lane Threadwell, 25, of Ga. Highway 54, Sharpsburg, for probation violation.
Thomas Harold Walters II, 38, of Princeton Lake Park Highway, Atlanta, for failure to appear.
Jaime Pelaez Justo, 29, of Glen Iris Drive, Atlanta, for driving without a license.
John Robert Kirk, 22, of White Oak Court, Fayetteville, for waiting warrants.
Francee Little Riddle, 32, of Henderson Mill Road, Atlanta, for probation violation.
Bryan Heath Sigman, 26, of Chappell Road, Fayetteville, for probation violation.
Romaire Monroe Hathorn, 20, of Misty Ridge Trail, Stockbridge, for waiting warrants.
Kalencia Deshonda Marshall, 19, of Worthy Drive, Thomaston, for failure to appear.
Kevin Lamont Milton, 27, of Yorktown Circle, College Park for waiting warrants.
Naquais Rashad Newton, 19, of Woolwich Lane, Hampton, for littering.
Eric Charles Patton, 26, of Misty Ridge Trail, Stockbridge, for suspended license, windshield, front door tinted/cracked windows.
Joseph Kyle Sibley, 27, of Lynn Circle, Newnan, for armed robbery.
Marcus Lashard Spencer, 19, of Cobblestone Boulevard, Fayetteville, for probation violation.

Fayetteville Police
Tony Nelson Hall, 27, of Acacia Drive, Stockbridge, for wanted person and traffic offense.
Paul McMurray Cox, 19, of South Peachtree Parkway, Peachtree City, for traffic offenses.
Taylor Adam Hambrick, 19, of Pecan Ridge Drive, of Fayetteville, for marijuana less than one ounce, wanted person and obstructing a person making an emergency call.
Jane Westbrook, 42, of Stonewall Avenue, Fayetteville, for cruelty to children, child neglect and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
Michael Anthony Cermak, 45, of Sharon Drive, Fayetteville, for theft by taking.
Jason Ashley Robinson, 22, of Deer Forest Road, Fayetteville, for traffic offenses and less than one ounce of marijuana.
Samuel Hubert Shaw, 45, of Belle Drive, Fayetteville, for shoplifting and interfering with police.
Norman Cooper, 58, of Holly Avenue, Fayetteville, for disorderly conduct.
Leonard Fields, 20, of Oakley Road, Union City, for traffic offenses.
Stefan Brandon Harris, 18, of Kennesaw Drive, Columbus, for less than one ounce of marijuana.
Francisca Shaute Hare, 28, of Oak Park, Michigan, for DUI drugs and traffic offenses.
Ricardo Alfredo Bellany, 29, of Riverwalk Lane, College Park, for wanted person.
Joel Gonzalez-Martinez, 26, of Fellowship Road, Tucker, for traffic offenses.
Patricia Jean Sherman, 31, of Grove Way, Hampton, for traffic offenses.
Shannon Shermaine Moultrie, 35, of Cornwallis Way, Fayetteville, for failure to appear.
Gary E. Dennis, 55, of Field Gate Road, Lawrenceville, for traffic offenses.
Roy Frank Hurt, Jr., 60, of Riverchase Way, Jonesboro, for traffic offenses.
Raul Flores, 19, of Sweetbriar, Palmetto, for traffic offense.
Mavy Reyes, 18, of Maple Place, Fayetteville, for traffic offense.
Martha Whatley Harris, 56, of West Cherry Street, Griffin, for shoplifting.
Shawanda Lafaye Bennett, 39, of Tinsely Street, Griffin, for traffic offenses.
Garrett Cole Nix, 18, of Pleasant Hill, Fayetteville, for possession of alcohol by a minor.
Saleem A. Manori, 52, of Cobblestone Boulevard, Fayetteville, for DUI alcohol and traffic offenses.
Raynondo Cortez Ross, 46, of Alexander Avenue, Union City, for interfering with police and traffic offenses.

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