Conversation w/a long-legged blonde? on FOX

Sir, as an expert, what do you think about VP Biden's control over the TARP spending--as was assigned by Obama?
Well, there is no control to my knowledge--therte is so much of it that no one can do that....however, I must say that little has been spent as of yet!!
Sir, didn't Obama say people would be "called out" whatever that means, if they wasted this money?
Yes, surely, but none has been used or wasted yet!
Then the whole program is a flop is it not? No control, no spending!!!!
As I said, there are so many programs no one hashad time to read about all of them yet.
Sir, are you saying Obama is doing nothing? And VP Biden is doing nothing?
Well, you could say that witch (you have black roots) but as I said it is complicated! Can you sit still?
Sir, I'll sit here in this chair this way if I wish in my very short skirt--recrossing my legs every 30 seconds, if I want to do so. It attracts flies!!!
Well, it attracts something, but not flies, I think.
Sir, I read this off the monitor, straight from Australia, as well as anyone could. What do yu expect of me?
Maybe you should return to the broad stable in the back and send out a taller one!

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