Barack Obama: The Farcical Idol of a Faithless Generation.

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Change has come to America. Hope has been restored to the clamoring masses crying out for relief. Barrack Obama is the poster child for the “Change” they seek. With his beautiful words so eloquently scripted, the American mainstream media has inveigled the public into believing every word he speaks unequivocally. The people have spoken. Their choice has been solidified in the annals of western history.
Barack Obama, a junior senator from Illinois, first took the national consciousness in 2004 at the Democratic National Convention. His words electrified the crowd signifying a new voice for the then lagging Democratic Party. His words spoke resoundingly through the echelons of corporate media and straight into the hearts of anyone willing to accept the vague possibility of hope and change in government. Unaware of the befuddlement that would soon follow, the American public latched on to the cult of personality.
Democrats and Republicans were nevermore divided than during the Presidential Election of 2008. False accusations and tawdry co-stars inundated every free second of advertisement space available on television stations. Celebrities continuously backed the cause of “Change” in government with all their star power. Parents blindly indoctrinated their children, with great fervor, into singing hymns of greatness and praise, despite allegations of voter fraud and racially divisive affiliations. The American Media was steadfastly manufacturing the Forty-fourth President.
Karl Marx best summed this up in “Capital Volume 1”: “A commodity appears, at first sight, a very trivial thing, and easily understood.”(Marx, 2005, 113) Barack Obama is nothing more than a commodity, packaged and sold to the desperate and the fallen. T-shirts, hats and even the United States of America’s flag, dispiritingly plastered in messiah like idolatry, the face of the new leader. Obama is no longer a name. It has become a logo for the faithless to adorn themselves with, a symbol of socialist change that will sweep America like a broom of complacency.
January 20, 2009 will forever be recognizable as a historic day: The Inauguration of the first African-American President. One hundred thirty million dollars spent. Four million people in attendance with millions more anxiously watching abroad, Barack Obama is sworn in as the President of The United States of America. Every major media outlet covered the epoch from dusk until dawn, waiting with baited breath as Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. administered The Presidential Oath of Office, incorrectly. Amidst the blinding cold and frigid temperatures, throngs of idolaters filled the streets for a chance to catch a glimpse of Obama. The idol worship has now begun.
"We had scheduled the Rolling Stones to perform here today, but we canceled it when we realized Barack Obama would sell more tickets" (Milligan, 2006, para. 5). This quote from the Boston Globe best describes the sentiment of the voting public before the election. Cheers and cries could be heard throughout the streets of the National Mall on Inauguration Day. All bowed and swooned before the elected messiah. As Obama was sworn in, desecrated flags waved and joyous screams could be heard for miles around. Unbeknownst to the onlookers, the socialist conspiracy was now being set in motion.
Twenty-three days have now passed into the Obama Administrations pilgrimage to failure. There have been six cabinet appointees who have withdrawn their nominations under allegations ranging from tax fraud, corruption and unethical practices. “Oops!” is the only response Obama could muster when question about his choice of appointees. These are the kinds of decisions American’s can expect over the next four years, faulty promises and poor choices. To further escalate the flurry of premature and rash judgments, Obama partisans in the House of Representatives proposed and amendment to the Constitution which would make a third term possible for him. This amendment is known as House Joint 5. This would begin the process of repealing the 22nd Amendment, which only allows two terms for a presidency.
Louis Farrakhan, radical leader of the Nation of Islam, has been quoted as saying “Brothers and sisters, Barack Obama is to me, the herald of the Messiah. Barack Obama is like the trumpet that alerts you something new; something better is on the way” (2008). This statement is a clear representation of the idolatrous worship conveyed by the followers of Barack Obama. “One cannot wake from the nightmare of history because the past is present in the mind, hauntingly echoing forever.”(Nelson, 2008) When an entire nation of lost souls living in the stigma of past wrongs will autonomously follow any false prophet speaking of a fictitious pinnacle of hope, hope is surely lost.
Americans have always been admonished to worship at the achievements of others. In today’s society, fewer and fewer Americans are striving to be great through great deeds. Most Americans would rather emulate television personalities than the founding fathers. Idolatry has never been more rampant than in modern America. The false worship of the self-proclaimed demagogues is creating a lackluster sense of one’s real self worth. The mass produced American media would lead one to believe that is easier to be famous for what people think one is, than it is to be who one is; thus breeding a whole generation of failed seekers and faithless flocks of sheep.

WVS February 12, 2009

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