Tyrone Loses Another Lawsuit

Tyrone and John Weiland Homes were recently forced to settle a case with Tyrone resident Winnie Anderson for damage to her home. The seven year old dispute started when former Town Manager Barry Amos approved Weiland’s plans for the Estates Subdivision that dumped drain water onto Anderson’s property causing flooding.

Twice Ms. Anderson went before Council asking for help and both times she was ignored. After Anderson filed suit, she was told by the Defendants that they would never pay her “one dime”. But after losing their motion for summary judgment earlier this year, Tyrone & Weiland began making offers of settlement, first, $25,000, then $40,000 which Anderson turned down. Finally the case was settled for an undisclosed amount due to Tyrone’s request that Anderson sign a confidentiality agreement. Tyrone always wants their losses to be kept from the public. I wonder how much they paid Ms. Anderson to keep her mouth shut.

The case was scheduled to go to Court in July and Tyrone would have been put in the position of having to defend against Anderson’s claim against Amos of fraudulently lying to her. Also Tyrone’s $200,000 yearly insurance premium doesn’t cover dishonesty and fraudulent acts. This along with the fact that Tyrone’s star witness was Barry Amos himself; caused the guilty government to give up. Their only saving grace being to keep the details from the voters who have to pay the costs; and they will never know how much.

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