No change in PTC NCR with corporate relocation

Fri, 06/12/2009 - 2:46pm
By: Ben Nelms

The upcoming relocation of NCR’s worldwide headquarters to Duluth is expected to bolster the company’s internal collaboration with the Peachtree City facility. The move from Dayton, Ohio will not result in any additions or deletions of jobs at the local NCR facility.

The company last week announced that its retail line business already located in Duluth would be joined by the relocation of its global headquarters from Dayton. That move, along with the establishment of an ATM-manufacturing plant in Columbus, will create approximately 2,000 jobs for the state.

The company in October announced the creation of its global Center of Excellence for worldwide customer service in Peachtree City, creating 916 jobs, according to information supplied by NCR.

NCR’s head of Corporate & North American Public Relations Alan Ulman said the company’s new efforts in Georgia will have no impact on the Peachtree City operation in terms of the addition or deletion of jobs.

NCR Chairman and CEO Bill Nuti said the move south will have significant benefits for the world’s largest manufacturer of ATMs and self-check-out equipment.

"The decision to consolidate functions in Georgia and build a technology focused corporate headquarters campus is right in line with our business strategy to drive growth, improve our innovation output, increase productivity and continually upgrade our focus on the customer," said Nuti. "We will decrease time-to-market for innovative solutions, improve our internal collaboration, deliver next generation employee education programs and lower our current operating costs. NCR is already benefiting from Georgia’s pro-business environment through our existing operations. For example, we have recently created NCR University, working in partnership with world-class academic institutions in Georgia."

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