Adesa cleans up its act

Thu, 05/21/2009 - 3:38pm
By: Ben Nelms

What a difference a few weeks makes. What had been an issue of unkept property along I-85 by Adesa Auto Auction did a 180-degree turn-around at the May 19 meeting of Coweta County Commission. Board members heard a report from county administrator Theron Gay and Adesa representative Brett Roland that reversed the call for possible citations on county code violations.

Reports of issues such as code-required building improvements, trash and weed removal, grass cutting and stormwater management concerns surfaced in early April. Those problems were supposed to be rectified prior to the property being leased short-term by Adesa to APLS auto storage for the temporary storage of new Honda vehicles. Though the site had been grandfathered under the current ordinance, that status no longer applied once Adesa moved from the location and did not preclude the work that needed to be done at the site, Gay told commissioners in April.

“We’re very pleased with the efforts they have made,” Gay said at the Tuesday meeting. “They did a lot of the work they said they’d do. They removed dumpsters and storage trailers. Staff reports that everything is looking good.”

Also addressing commissioners, Roland said landscaping at the property had been completed earlier in the day, adding that a landscaper is not under contract for monthly work at the site.

Commissioner Randolph Collins commenting on the clean-up said he had visited the site over the weekend and saw dramatic changes.

Roland’s appearance Tuesday was one of several since early April when commissioners first insisted that the property be brought up to code or face penalties.

Roland at the April 7 meeting apologized for the condition of the property, telling commissioners Adesa wanted to be good neighbors and would do what was necessary to come into compliance with county zoning requirements. Roland said Adesa still has plans to sell the 60-acre site.

“We’ll become a good neighbor,” Roland said to Commissioner Randolph Collins, “We’ll clean it up. I’ll commit to cleaning it up and complying with the county’s regulations.”

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