Our oil dependency? Blame eco-nuts

Tue, 05/19/2009 - 2:47pm
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Re: April 1, 2009, Kimberly Learnard letter to editor about Georgia PSC and GA Power. Subject: Higher electric rates? Blame eco-nuts and ...

In 1959, a gleeful electric utility executive gushed to the media: “Within 30 years, electricity will become so cheap that it will not have to be metered.”

In January 1969, incoming President Nixon was advised by the head of the Atomic Energy Commission that the U.S. had over 20,000,000 tons — TONS! — of fissionable and fertile elements on hand and that the U.S. was on track to be totally energy independent by 2000, and that the U.S. had known, on hand, energy reserves to remain energy independent for over 7,000 years.

So? What happened to squash this bright future of plentiful, cheap, clean power? A wonderful future lacking wars over resources? A future where the brutal, backward nations of Islam would not be empowered by the U.S. purchasing their bloody oil?

Answer: Nixon, eco-nuts, Commies, people who hate the U.S., etc.

Nixon wanted to keep the U.S. enfeebled and dependent on Middle East oil for geo-political reasons and to enrich his friends and supporters by artificially manipulating the flow and price of oil. Remember the “old oil/new oil” price-fixing scheme? “Foreign oil/domestic oil” price-fixing scheme? While Nixon did not directly make money via his loathsome policies, Nixon’s friends made tens of billions and Islam made trillions —the greatest transfer of wealth in human history from our country to a group of nations that hate infidels.

Eco-nuts, Commies, neo-Luddites, etc., and people who hate America were Nixon’s useful idiots for many of Nixon’s schemes which enfeebled the U.S., raised energy prices, polluted the environment, enriched Islam.

Over the past 35 years I’ve spoken with many of these passionate ignoramuses. Most know little about science or engineering, but, they know how to manipulate words and emotions.

At one Atlanta eco-event in 1989, over half of the well-educated attendees wanted to outlaw water because I’d accurately disguised water as “Di-Hydrogen Mon-oxide: A Powerful Solvent Critical to the U.S. Chemical Industry ...” and then went on to describe DHMO’s adverse effects on humans, animals and property. (Google: “Penn and Teller get Eco-Wackos to outlaw water.”)

Now to Ms. Learnard’s letter, where she blames greedy capitalists and a gutless Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) for the high electric rates Georgians pay and will pre-pay to fund construction of a new generation of nuke-powered electric plants.

First off, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (eia.doe.gov), the citizens of Georgia pay electric rates below the national average. The increase in price that Georgia’s utilities propose that will fund construction of the new energy plants will still keep our rates below the national average.

Next, Ralph Nader’s far left, anti-capitalist group — Public Citizen — rates the Georgia PSC as one of the 10 worst and New York’s PSC as one of the 10 best. What does that mean?

According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy for 2008, Georgians paid 9.31 cents per kilowatt hour and New Yorkers paid 17.12 cents per kwh. We in Georgia pay almost half what citizens of New York pay, and Ms. Learnard has a problem with that?

Plus, I’ve known New Yorkers who had to deal with ConEd. Customer service was excruciating: long waits and service with a snarl. New York transplants to Georgia, in general, rave about Georgia’s low electric rates and good service — and Nader’s Public Citizen and Ms. Learnard have a problem?

Oh, it turns out that Nader’s Public Citizen group rates PSCs according to ‘Citizen Input.’ Apparently, Georgia’s PSC has little tolerance for college-degreed, passionate idiots; hence, the low rating for Georgia’s PSC.

And finally, if it weren’t for Ms. Learnard, Nader EPA, Nixon, Commies, useful idiots, we’d have cheaper energy rates, cleaner air and fewer Muslim terrorist problems. Cheaper electric rates, 2 billion tons less CO2 spewed into the atmosphere each year, a million pounds less mercury spewed into the atmosphere each year, etc. And Public Citizen and Ms. Learnard have a problem with Georgia’s PSC?

I have a problem with Ms. Learnard and her eco-wacko fellow travelers.

Bill Bryan

Peachtree City, Ga.

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