County to Adesa- clean up or face citations

Thu, 05/07/2009 - 3:24pm
By: Ben Nelms

Adesa Auto Auction at the May 5 county commission meeting was given 7-10 days to show progress on a required clean-up of portions of its 60-acre property along I-85 in northeast Coweta or face possible citations. The company agreed April 7 to clean-up the required portions of its property and to comply with all zoning requirements after the company leased the property to auto storage firm APLS for the short-term storage of new vehicles. Adesa representative Brett Roland cited obstacles in having the work done but said it would be completed in a timely manner.

Adesa in recent months leased the site to APLS for a six-month period while the property was up for sale. APLS had not obtained a business license before bringing in new Honda vehicles for storage. Reporting on the issue has he had done in April, county administrator Theron Gay said there were a number of requirements, such as building improvements, trash and weed removal, grass cutting and stormwater management concerns, that were supposed to be rectified prior to the property being occupied so that it would be in compliance with upgraded county codes. Though the site had been grandfathered, that status no longer applied once Adesa moved from the location and did not preclude the work that needed to be done at the site, Gay said.

“It’s disappointing that not more work has been done,” Gay said, referencing the three weeks that had elapsed since the concerns were first addressed and were still undone as of May 5.

Addressing commissioners May 5, Roland cited an engineering contract now in place to address some of the concerns. He acknowledged that grass had been cut in areas outside the fence but not inside, also an issue specified last month by commissioners. He also noted that the owners of the dumpster refused to pick them up, requiring that Adesa find another company. Roland told commissioners that his company requires three bids on work projects, a corporate policy that can sometimes prohibit a quick response.

“I’m dedicated to getting this done,” Roland said, proposing a completion date of 1-2 weeks for the landscaping work. “We’ve got the pieces in place to get it done.”

Commissioners shared the same concerns as those expressed minutes earlier by Gay.

“Not much had been done inside the fence as of today,” said Commissioner Tim Lassetter. “It would have helped if someone would have gone the extra mile and got it done.”

Acting on Gay’s recommendation, commissioners gave Adesa a week to 10 days to show progress at the site or face the possibility of receiving citations.

“I think you’ll see a big change in the next week,” Roland said in response.

Gay said he would report back to commissioners at the May 19 meeting.

Roland at the April 7 meeting apologized for the condition of the property, telling commissioners Adesa wanted to be good neighbors and would do what was necessary to come into compliance with county zoning requirements. Roland said Adesa still has plans to sell the 60-acre site.

“We’ll become a good neighbor,” Roland said to Commissioner Randolph Collins, “We’ll clean it up. I’ll commit to cleaning it up and complying with the county’s regulations.”

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