Tyrone moves ahead with budget talks

Fri, 05/01/2009 - 3:45pm
By: Ben Nelms

Tyrone Town Council held its second workshop Thursday in preparation for adopting a $3.5 million 2009-2010 budget sometime in June. Public hearings will begin later in May. Tyrone’s fiscal year begins July 1.

The bulk of the budget workshop centered on a presentation by Finance Director Penny Hunter. As it stands now, the Governmental Funds budget stands at $3,509,107. General Fund revenues are projected at $3,077,127 with Sanitation revenues at $431,980. On the expenditures side, General Fund expenses totaled $3,197,027 with Sanitation at $312,080.

Departmental expenditures showed a marked decrease over the current budget year. Some of those figures included past reductions in town staff while others were evidenced from reducing Capital Outlays, Supplies and Purchased/Contracted Services. Most notable were the $91,458 reduction in Public Safety and $62,482 in Public Works. The proposed budget included provider increases in employee medical, dental and long-term disability premiums.

As reviewed, the budget included no tax increases and no pay raises for town employees.

Hunter opened the presentation saying that, based on current figures, the town is projected to end the fiscal year June 30 approximately $227,000 under budget.

On a related topic, council members received a review of needed structural repairs associated with items such as culverts, road repairs, ditch installation and sediment removal from catch basins. Town Manager Chris Venice characterized the work that was needed, explaining that it was generally outside the confines of the General Fund. The council was given a prioritized list of nine projects with an estimated price tag of $802,000, though the project with the lowest priority also carried the largest price tag of $600,000. The highest priority project, culvert and headwall replacement and road repairs, is on Valley View Drive and carried an estimated price tag of $70,000.

The council will take up the priority list along with continued budget talks during upcoming meetings.

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