Newnan Youth City Council applicants sought

Thu, 04/30/2009 - 1:55pm
By: Ben Nelms

It is designed to provide experience on local governance from the perspective of people in their teens. The City of Newnan Youth Activities Commission has formalized plans and is accepting applications for the new Youth City Council. The council will consist of students from each high school and of home-schooled students.

The overall purpose is build leadership, create a climate of public awareness and responsibility, promote youth involvement in the city and provide a means by which the city’s youth can be involved in community issues, said Newnan Public Information Officer Gina Snider.

The Youth Council will plan, sponsor and coordinate appropriate youth programs, activities and events in the city.

“The new City Youth Council is a great way to have young people involved in our city government and community. These kinds of experiences for students and the community help build a good foundation for a lifetime,” said Snider. “Anytime our youth is involved we get very excited because it helps the youth return and be future productive citizens in the city of Newnan.”

The city of Newnan Youth Activities Commission was put into effect in January 2008 when the mayor and city council voted to move forward with the process of creating a Youth City Council.

The Youth Council will meet once a month. The council will consist of sixteen high school students, four from each high school and four from home schools.

Applications are available at Newnan High School, East Coweta High School, Northgate High School, Central Education Center, Heritage School,  the Newnan Boys and Girls Club YMCA and Newnan City Hall. For more information contact Mike Furbush at 770-253-2682 ext. 226.

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