Senoia encouraging more recycling

Thu, 04/23/2009 - 2:16pm
By: John Munford

Senoia officials are hoping to convince more residents to recycle.

The city’s garbage company, Dependable Waste, offers recycling for free, City Manager Richard Ferry said at Monday’s City Council meeting.

Recycling today is easier than in the past, as there’s no need to sort the different materials, Ferry noted. Instead, all recyclables go in the same bin: newspapers, plastic, glass, steel cans, corrugated cardboard and even phone books.

Only 10 percent of Senoia residents actually recycle, although 20 percent of residents had recycling bins provided to them when they signed up for their first water bill, Ferry said.

The recycling issue came up as Ferry made a presentation on the update to the city’s solid waste management plan. If the city continues its current rates, in 10 years it will generate about 3,108 tons of waste and 110 tons of recycling.

The city’s goal is to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill. Currently the city averages 3.03 pounds per person per day of trash headed to the landfill.

The city hopes to reduce that to 2.42 pounds per person per day, Ferry said.

Council member Bobby Graham said residents may not be aware that recycling is available for free. Councilman Larry Owens noted that being able to put all recyclables in one bin is “more user-friendly.”

In a related matter, Mayor Robert Belisle offered thanks for all those who participated in the city’s clean-up activity last week.

“A lot of trash was pulled off the streets,” Belisle said.

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