“Cancer Patient Advocate to Speak at Survivor Dinner”

Wed, 04/01/2009 - 9:21am
By: The Citizen

Lynn Eib is passionate about her job.  Lynn is a Cancer Patient Advocate who offers emotional and spiritual support to cancer patients and their caregivers.  A Patient Advocate gives verbal encouragement, emotional support and spiritually intercedes on behalf of a cancer patient and his/her family. The Patient Advocate comes along side patients to help keep up their spirits and to lend strength during the stressful time of dealing with cancer.  Eib has been doing this job since 1996 after surviving her own battle with metastic colon cancer.   

Lynn’s cancer battle began on June 27, 1990 when a doctor stood at her bedside after examining her colon with a scope and told her that he had found a tumor.   Lynn could see her husband's ashen face as he stood at the foot of the bed.  He lost his first wife to Lou Gehrig’s disease some 20 years before.   Lynn says that there are no words to describe how it feels to be told that you have cancer at age 36, when your daughters are 8, 10 and 12, and your husband has already watched one wife die a slow, debilitating death.  “Shocked and devastated are too mild.  It was as if someone had hit me between the eyes with a brick, made me get back up and then hit me again.”

Lynn Eib will share her story with local cancer survivors and their caregivers at the 2009 Relay For Life of Fayette County Survivor dinner.  She will describe how her cancer journey and her spirituality have led her to start cancer support groups and teaching others to become Patient Advocates. Lynn is the author of four books: When God & Cancer Meet: True stories of hope and healing (2002); Finding the Light in Cancer’s Shadow: Hope, humor and healing after treatment (2006); He Cares (2007) and When God & Grief Meet (2009).  Additional information about Lynn and patient advocacy are available on her web site at  www.cancerpatientadvocate.com.

The 2009 Relay For Life Survivor Dinner will be held Friday, April 24th at the New Hope Baptist Church in Fayetteville.  The dinner is sponsored by Fayette Piedmont Hospital.  If you are a cancer survivor who would like to receive an invitation to the Survivor Dinner and participate in the 2009 Relay For Life of Fayette County you can register at www.relayforlife.org/fayettecounty.  Follow the Survivor/Caregiver link under Event Information.  Invitations to the Survivor Dinner will be mailed to all registered Relay Survivors.    Registration forms are also available at the Fayette County American Cancer Society (ACS) office located at 301 Kelly Drive, Suite3, Peachtree City.  For more information about the Relay For Life event and the Survivor's Dinner, please contact Bill Evans, Survivor Development Chairperson at 404-539-9913 or by email at wm.d.evans@gmail.com. 

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