People Of Fayette County

I don't care what you think of the case of George Anthony Bowman Jr.For one thing you don't know him and you did not live his life as a husband and father.How do you know what he was going thought have you set and watched your father die of cancer knowing you couldn't help him.As it clearly states in the bible judge ye not unless ya be judged yourself.So i as said clean around your own back yard before you stick your nose in something you have no clue about.I know more about this case than any one else.I don't condone what he did and i think he needs to server time for what he did.But you people need to clean out your own closets before passing judgement on any one.We all face judgement when it comes our time.I think Judge English did a good job and most likely he had to go home and sleep that night knowing the choice he had made.And as (Stone Cold )would say that's the the bottom line and that's all i want to say about that.

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